Wooden Window Restoration


Our expert wooden window restoration team can repair timber decay and restore your windows to its former appearance.

Though some might deem decayed windows as beyond repair, English Heritage states that only 5% of timber used on windows is affected by decay.

What we will do is take a look at the problem, assess the damage, and undergo repairs if possible.

Our repair service package includes:

  • Overhauling sashes
  • Treatment of decayed timber
  • Repair of crumbling putty
  • Replacement of cracked panes
  • Re-stringing of broken cords
  • Grills made to measure
  • Security
  • Resin repairs


If and when damage on a sill, frame or sash is beyond repair, then the only option left renewal.
Our craftspeople can renovate by means of renewing the damaged parts. Our renewal process are all handcrafted and tries to replicate the exact look of the replaced part to fit the original frame.

Our renewal service package includes:

  • Fitting of double and single glazed sashes
  • Renewal of sash
  • Renewal of frames
  • Renewal of whole windows
  • Doors and frames


Regardless if a sash window is well over 100 years, a good coat of paint can definitely bring back its old charm.

Aside from a pool of competent craftspeople, we also have in-house decorators that can create any design you want.

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