Problems and Maintenance of Traditional Sash Windows

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If you look at properties built around the 19th to 20th century, I’m certain that these homes would have sash windows on them. And the sentimental and aesthetic value of these windows today is what spawned the sash window repair industry.

Some though see this old window system as more of a luxury. With its wood frame that needs to be maintained and its somewhat inferior draught proofing capability, more and more home and property owners are shifting to plastic sash windows rather than wood.

But my question is, are all the problems with sash windows reflect are accurate, or are we unfairly comparing old and new technology?

In this article, I’m going to point out the typical problems sash windows have and explain how these can be easily addressed.

Sash Window Problems

  • Draughts
  • Rattling
  • Sticking
  • Rot

How to prevent cold air from coming in?

A credible sash window repair company will apply seals or brushes to block off cold air entry points to your home.

Brush seals are typically made of nylon fibers but there are also ones made of polypropylene or urethane. Installing seals will eventually recoup its installation cost in the form of lower heating bills. You can opt to have a UPVC replacement, but it would be more expensive, and having plastic windows is no match for wood in terms of aesthetics.

Sealing your wooden sash windows also gets rid of those annoying rattles as all the gaps between parts are sealed.

How to prevent windows from getting stuck?

The culprit for stuck wooden sash windows can be attributed to dirt or paint build-up in the window channels. Sash window repair companies would scrape and sand these parts in order for them to function fluidly again. They will then coat the channels with special oils or teak. This is how it was traditionally done.

If the damage is due to wood swelling or warping, they will remove and replace the warped or swollen part of the wood for it to be level again.

How to prevent sash windows from rotting?

Wood without proper maintenance will eventually rot due to water seeping into the wood grain. This part, although somewhat inevitable, can be greatly reduced by applying wood treatment agents. What sash window repair companies would do is to identify rotting areas, thoroughly clean it and then apply the treatment agents.

If the damaged area if massive, then they will have to remove the sashes, apply chemical strippers and afterward sand the areas which can be saved.

If you are in need of professional sash window repair and maintenance, we would be more than happy to help you. Do send us an email about your problem and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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