Sash Windows And Home Security

Sash window repair london home security

No, sash windows do not mean a window with a cute sash on it. The term “sash” means that a window has two sections, stationary and operational, which can be moved either vertically or horizontally. These windows can be typically found in preserved period homes and/or in modern rustic looking houses.

Now unlike modern windows, the sash system can be deemed as crude. I call it crude in the sense that it is “old technology” and because of that, can be easily exploited by those who might want to break into ones property.

Let’s face it though; no home is really safe if you think about it. But what we can do is to find a way to deter lawless elements from breaking in. The harder the process for them is, the bigger the chance of them giving up, or even actually trying.

It is a fact that any device that you install would definitely boost security. Take into consideration that wood, regardless of its type, will eventually deteriorate and would need repair or maintenance. So if your sash window is more than 10 years old, it would be a good idea to install casements after having it repaired/checked.

When it comes to security options, each home is different from the next. To address this, do some research about break-ins that occurred within your neighborhood over the years. How frequent were these cases, what time does it usually occur, what was the entry point and how did the perpetrators get in? By answering these questions and cross checking it to your current level of security, you will get a pretty decent idea as to what your home needs.

Now you can go and install a high tech security system if that would make you feel safer. But since we are a sash window repair and installation company, we deal with more “simpler” security options.

Now sash windows usually come with clasps locks. Though these can keep a window shut, it can be easily picked by someone who is skilled at breaking into homes. A simple yet effective solution is to add a keyed lock system. These can be installed quickly and are really cheap.

Other “humble” security devices are deadbolts. A deadbolt lock secures the sash and prevents any attempt (without breaking the glass of course) in picking the operational that secures the sash.

But again, if these things are too basic for your liking, you can go and get yourself an IR alarm system, motion detection monitors, wire enforced glazing, or install bars on your windows. Like what I said, the level of security you need depends on your location and personal piece of mind.

Basically it’s a matter of balancing out the safety of your family with aesthetics. I mean, a period home with sash windows but with steel bars on it isn’t that quaint looking right?

What you need to do is find that right balance and find a reputable company to implement them.


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