Window Glazing

double_hung_window_wih_weights_xxDouble Glazing
Building regulations requires (unless listed) property owners to replace existing windows with double glazed ones. This can help you save energy and lower your carbon footprint.
We make sure that your double glazed window would still look traditional (be it sash or not) to keep in step with the either the contemporary or traditional look of the structure.

Aside from window glazing, our craftspeople make sure that all the windows are draught proofed and is guaranteed to last for not less than five years.


Secondary Glazing
Seen as a cheaper alternative to double glazing, we recommend this process to anyone who’s window only requires minimal renovation and is in good condition.
Double glazing can be in the form of “spiral balanced assisted” or “sliding panels”. Both can prevent condensation.


Weights and Pulleys

Traditionally, all sliding (box) sash windows used cast iron weights, which were housed in boxes on either side of the window. They were attached to a piece of sash cord which routed over a pulley in the top corner of the window and attaches to the sash (window) that will be moving. The weight should closely match the weight of the sash to allow a perfect counterbalance to be achieved making movement of the otherwise heavy window, effortless.

Spira_1 (1)Spiral Balances
Today , the use of weights and pulleys in modern sash windows has reduced, largely replaced by spiral balanced systems which use similar principles of counterbalancing and achieved through the use of two springs. Spiral balances are sit in a Chanel on the inside of the window and although visible , they can be coloured to match the finish to prevent them standing out.


Which is right for me?

Each system has advantages and disadvantages, and the right system for you will depend on your location, the reveals in the window opening and the desired impact you are hoping for. Weight and pulley systems have an unmistakeable historic feel, they fit neatly behind traditional reveals, the systems last longer (multiple decades) and repair only requires fitting a new sash cord. Spiral balance systems fit neatly into all building/reveal profiles without reducing light, they are typically a few hundred pounds cheaper and the systems are very durable .

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