Sash Window Repair for Bungalows

sash window repair
If your sash windows are starting to look old from wear and tear, getting them professionally replaced or restored can be very expensive. If you feel up to it, sash window repair can be quite an interesting, and money-saving, do-it-yourself project. Continue reading

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Sash Window Repair and Restoration

Sash window repair projects are almost always worth the trouble, effort, and cost. Old as they may be, those old windows were most likely built better using much better wood than anything than you can buy these days. Yes, they’re definitely worth fixing.

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Problems and Maintenance of Traditional Sash Windows

Sash window repair london

If you look at properties built around the 19th to 20th century, I’m certain that these homes would have sash windows on them. And the sentimental and aesthetic value of these windows today is what spawned the sash window repair industry.
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DIY Home Draught Proofing

Sash Window Repair Draught Proofing

If you think that we are only a sash window repair company, then you are mistaken. Although repairing and maintaining sash windows is the main thing that we do, we also do a lot of draught proofing. Draught proofing one’s home does not only keep cold air out, it can also save you money.
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Sash Windows And Home Security

Sash window repair london home security

No, sash windows do not mean a window with a cute sash on it. The term “sash” means that a window has two sections, stationary and operational, which can be moved either vertically or horizontally. These windows can be typically found in preserved period homes and/or in modern rustic looking houses.

Now unlike modern windows, the sash system can be deemed as crude. I call it crude in the sense that it is “old technology” and because of that, can be easily exploited by those who might want to break into ones property.
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Sash Window Repair: The Complete DIY Guide

Sash window repair london

So you want to do a sash window repair project on your old window. I tell you, the fulfillment of having to bring it back to tip top shape is gratifying.

But before you start, do consider that it takes skill and the right tools to repair and old sash window. Also, personal safety is important as you will be using power tools. (Read our DIY safety guide)
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